Medicaid Crisis Planning Services

Medicaid Crisis Planning Attorney Delaware

Our Crisis Planning Attorneys Provide Strong Support When Emergencies Put Older Delaware Residents at Risk

Helping you deal with serious problems related to healthcare, finances and preservation of wealth

Experience teaches us that life is unpredictable. Sooner or later, almost everyone faces a crisis or is forced to deal with a series of emergencies. Planning in advance can reduce the number of difficult situations that must be faced and the amount of emotional, physical and financial pain to be suffered. Legal planning for crisis purposes often involves taking the time to anticipate issues that may not arise for several years, even decades, but have the potential to bring significant turmoil for ourselves and family members down the line. Estate & Elder Law Services guides clients in several areas that are key to preparation for the long term, helping them avoid or lessen the impact of future problems.

Forceful and timely guidance on estate planning issues, healthcare directives and other matters

Our office has represented clients for more than 30 years in dealing with crisis situations that arise later in life. Our perspective and experience help us work with clients to address many issues before they occur, including:

  • Estate planning services: We review your property and assets, then work with you to set up legal instruments, including helping you avoid probate and reducing estate and gift taxes when possible, consistent with your objectives.
  • Advance healthcare directive: We help you plan for difficult end-of-life decisions should you have a terminal condition or become permanently unconscious, and address the powers of an agent you select to make these and other healthcare decisions on your behalf.
  • Powers of Attorney: We prepare legal document for you to appoint an agent to make financial decisions about your property, assets and income, for when and if you become incompetent or unable to do so.

When a crisis occurs we are ready to step in and help. The sudden and unexpected need for a nursing home or facility is an issue commonly dealt with by seniors and their adult children. We know how to explore various options to help you.