October 2023 Newsletter

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From The Certified Elder Law Attorney's Desk:

William W. “Bill” Erhart

Maximizing Your Medicare Benefits: Navigating Open Enrollment Amid Rising Costs

Eighty million Americans will be enrolled in Medicare by 2030. That is the major health care plan for seniors and those under 65 with long-term disabilities. We focus in this note is the increasing costs for Medicare and taking advantage of Open Enrollment in Medicare, which started October 15th.

Remember, when we turn 65 we need to enroll in the two parts of Medicare. Medicare Part A, which is hospital coverage and Part B, which is outpatient services. Since people often work beyond 65, you have to determine: must you enroll in Medicare at 65 or can you wait if you or your spouse has employer coverage? Many delay taking Social Security retirement. They must remember to apply once they turn 65...

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