Our Resources Will Help You Share Your Plans

Our Resources Will Help You Share Your Plans Image

You’ve done it! You finally have a solid Estate Plan. 

Now you need to talk about it, but you may feel nervous about having “The Talk” with your adult children. And, that’s not unusual. It’s not easy to tell your children that you’ve planned your funeral, decided what life-or-death decisions you want made if you are ill, or that they won’t inherit much because you plan to travel the world for the next six months!

Timing is everything but you and your children are busy. You don’t want to spoil a fun Sunday dinner with sober conversations. 

So, we’ve designed some tools to help you share what you want to share. We have a small brochure called “The Talk” which covers the highlights of your plans. (Call to request a copy.) Or, you can find a detailed word document here on the web site by going to the “Resources” tab and selecting “The Talk” in the drop-down menu. You can save the file to your own computer and fill it out just like any other form. Since it’s a word document, you can add lines or delete lines as you wish.

When you are finished the document will include important information such as:

  • Your Social Security Number
  • Where to find your Will, Estate Plan and other important legal documents
  • Your family doctor’s name and phone number
  • Contact information for financial professionals
  • Your social media passwords and user names
  • Your bank accounts and income sources
  • And much, much more

After you fill out the form, share it with your loved ones. The Talk will flow easily from having all the information recorded in one place. 

Our goal is to make The Talk with your kids easier by allowing you to create a comprehensive record of all the information they need to know. It can also serve as a checklist for you -- it may even prompt you to add a few items to your plan. 

Writing your plan most certainly was a relief; sharing the plan will eliminate one last worry and let you enjoy all the promise of a bright tomorrow.